3 months ago,My mid term holiday reached. But I'm still need to do my bored assignment!!!That is typography.Gosh!!always think think think n think, my brain ar~

This week is my school festival,yesterday was the 1st day of festival.(1week of 3 weeks holidays)

My college inivited some international artist and some malaysian atristto give some talk.And i had listend 1 talk yesterday.hahaha...

The talker name Catt Lim.She graduated from "The one academy of art"Recently she was an 3D art director.She focus on 3D series animation and TV commercial.

Awwww~It quite nice.I was so focus when she talking.She also talked about her working experince in her field.The sentences that i most remember is, she had interview some company in Macao, the salary is twenty thousand。 many!unfortunetely, their country goverment have their law.They need  degree level><!what a pity!!that time she was onli have diploma certificate.hahax.The salary is high, but the life  so so so bored if u as an animator.

Sometimes,I dun noe I'm so good luck nevertheless what?!haha...Because my college some teacher is from "the one"hahax...n last time, I'm also felt like want to study in the one , but the fees is tooooooooo expensive!Just diploma, it need 60k for multimedia this course and 80k for animation.Huh...better murder me!

Well,get some knowledge, the feel coming again!haha..Everytimes, when i get some excitition story or some sentences. I will feel confidence!hehe..
Have a nice day.Choi 


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