nothing is impossible  story night  

My holidays will end later soon. So now on, study mood fly and holidays mood already come!==!Damn fast!
Phew~phew~~time passed fast than my pocket money~ Can you stop it! God!
Sem 2 almost finish! I'm still remember last year, I always annoyed which way should i choose and i signed in form6 for a month. That time was very hard to me.But now, all gone.
Althought I dun so like before , but I feel like go backwards。If can, i mind to be learn everything, i mind to be face every challenging or problem case.I wont let's any chance fly out from my hand!
I willing to do! I wan to beat down those who despised me before.

Aiz...all passed. I be mature right now. Is it? Dunnoe yet. It's juz all suddenly appear my brain & heart. Never grow up never noe? less knowledge more naive? Supposed be yes ba.Till now, I'm recognize myself timid. I think i',m lack of determination and a resolute heart.

Sometimes, teaher gave a lot of homework, but still feel lack something! I'm supposed to be wake up. And decisive to do what i wan!
I'm loser. Will be winner the near future? Who noe?

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